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On-Camera Prompting

SpeechCue offers the latest on-camera prompting technology. Our teleprompters come in a variety of sizes and can be used with all types of cameras from DSLR to large studio ped cameras and everything in between. They fit directly in front of the camera lens, giving the impression that the presenter is addressing the camera directly.

Corporate Videos

If you’re arranging a shoot, at a studio, in your office or another location, an autocue provides valuable support for presenters and speakers of every level of experience. It can save your presenters time and the cost of hiring an autocue system can easily be made back in shooting time.

OB / Location Filming

The autocue teleprompters fit directly on-camera using substantial robust brackets suited to your camera set-up. They can be mounted on regular camera tripods, peds, on a jib, steadicam or track. Cue lights and batteries are also available, depending on the environment.

We can also provide LCD and Plasma screens to be used independently off-camera, which is useful in many situations such as interviews.


We offer equipment and operators proven in live production environments, from multi-camera studio environments to single camera location filming.

We use PowerPrompter. A robust application designed for professional productions. The software runs on the Windows platform and easily imports word documents. Any changes can quickly and easily be made on site.

Studio Filming

We offer equipment and operators proven in all kind of filming environments, sound stage, green screen, multi-camera, live, with actors, presenters, using track, jib, steadicam… whatever your production, we can help.

Our service includes our operator delivering the equipment, setting everything up and then inputting, amending and scrolling your script for you.