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Other Prompting Services


Web casts are fast becoming a valuable tool in business. Using a teleprompter ensures that your message is presented with ease in the best possible way and ensures your audience sees you, and not the top of your head!

If you are using a traditional camera, we can place the autocue camera unit right in front of your camera or web-cam so you can address your on-line audience directly.

Alternatively, our conference executive prompters are ideal if you have an audience present in the room as well as being filmed.

Concerts & Music Events

SpeechCue provide the latest discreet prompting technology for your concert.

The monitors are positioned on the edge of the stage facing the performers and using an adjustable stand and mount, can be positioned to suit the eyeline of the artists.

The screens are hidden from the audience by black monitor surrounds if required and give the performers whatever they need to see; chords, lyrics, lines, music score, tabs.

Our set up provides a composite DA for an additional output to your own plasma or comfort monitor, if required.